Wader brings together Baltic and Nordic subcultural scenes.


    The Crowned Queen of Estonian Underground

    Although on her album Maria Minerva sings of ebony towers and intergalactic romances, she is currently dealing with rather mundane issues – settling down in Los Angeles, for example. We talked about uncomfortable emigration, "Scarface" and life in two different sides of the USA.

    Curator’s Choice: Kristi Kongi & Nur El Shami

    Estonian artist Kristi Kongi is known for her colourful pieces of art which not only rest on canvas but often tend to wander on walls and create symbiosis with the room they're currently placed in. The following video takes us on a tour through her artistic reality.

    What is freedom worth? “In the Crosswind” review

    "Where should one go after being robbed of everything that you have believed in and loved?” – asks herself Erna, the protagonist of "In the Crosswind". This stylish black and white picture, undertaking a difficult historical topic, is one of the most artistically outstanding and mature films of the year.

    What We Do in the Shadows

    New Zealand might be the last place on Earth where you'd think it's the case to keep an eye out for vampires. Well, you'd be wrong. Wellington is the place that Viago, Vladislav and Deacon call home. And they are not the only ones – from werewolves to zombies, the city's nightlife hustles and bustles with a well-represented community of the undead.

    The theory of everything

    Stephen Hawking, who was supposed to die at the age of 23, lives until nowadays and he's 72 years old. One of the greatest cosmologists of contemporary times has a motor neuron disease related to ALS. The answer to the question how he managed to achieve it, can be found in the newest film directed by Oscar winner James March: "The Theory of Everything".

    A lot in little. Contemporary jewellery in Latvia.

    Forget felt brooches and woven wristbands — in Latvia, jewellery design is an active creative industry in which talented artists work with gold and silver, diamonds and pearls, nylon and silk. Mastery and an unconventional outlook have brought these authors recognition and wearer’s appreciation.

    In the crosswind

    "In the Crosswind", the first feature film by Martti Helde, is the latest hypnotizing discovery of the Estonian cinematography. Film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2014 and from then on doesn't stop to collect well-deserved awards at many international festivals. However, Martti Helde remains far from red carpets, camera flashes and all the glamour.