Wader brings together Baltic and Nordic subcultural scenes.


    Cinema travels: Porto

    The last Cinema Travels of the year takes us to a country which suffers from the drought of cinema, but loves old school techniques, handicrafts and all kinds of festivals.

    Gust Van den Berghe – man who made Lucifer

    Gust Van den Berghe´s career has been a collection of successes with titles such as "Little Baby Jesus of Flandr" and "Blue Bird" achieving major critical praise. His new film "Lucifer" is bound to follow the same steps. We could not let the chance to sit down with him slip out of hand to discuss his vision and work process.

    Commercial Lasnamäe

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, commercial shops in the basements of multi-story buildings started to appear in Estonia. Though time has passed, passers are still greeted with massive doors and signs with very clear key messages: groceries, shoemaker, hairdresser... Together, they are subtly reflecting the realities of that time.

    Lai Kin Chang: Imagination Is the Animator’s Weapon

    18-22 November saw the happening of the 15th International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers in Tallinn. One of the jury members was Lai Kin Chang, an animator who has worked as a freelancer on shorts, commercials and several feature films such as "Lars the Polar Bear" and Oscar-nominated animation film "Les Triplettes de Belleville".