Wader brings together Baltic and Nordic subcultural scenes.


    Tanel Veenre. The Choreography of Jewelery

    Like from hidden underwater depths, from the deepest of rain forests, from places where no one has ever been before, from the phantasmagorical planet Pandora – that is what the natural shapes and colors created by Tanel Veenre are like. Kind of nature-made, kind of human-made... can anybody really differentiate and contrast the two?

    Cinema Travels: Prague

    This time Cinema Travels takes us to the city of Prague where you can enjoy movies with a beer in your hand or sitting in a beach chair.

    Cinema Travels: Kampala

    This time cinema travels takes us from a gas station parking lot to a kiosk also known as the alternative cinema of Uganda, which on the first look resembles a shack with a curtain.

    Keta Gutmane: part two of the trilogy

    Latvian designer Keta Gutmane presented her collection "Relics", first part of her clothing design trilogy, last March at Void showroom in Paris. Now she's back with the second edition for spring-summer 2015 – here is "Levitation".

    Laughing at the Unfunny

    The Latvian-born animation director Signe Baumane, New York-based since 1995, is a tall woman with a somewhat sad smile – visually a bit reminiscent of the nervous and aristocratic women painted by Modigliani.

    New Estonian Design: Studio August

    Äli Kargoja is the creator of the minimalistic clothes brand August. August’s first collection is designed for someone who appreciates Scandinavian design, good quality and simplicity in their clothes.

    Eurosonic Noorderslag reveals more acts for 2015

    Eurosonic Noorderslag, the key exchange and networking platform for European music, is gearing up for it’s 29th edition that will take place on 14-17 January 2015 and expands the line up with more new and exciting artists.

    CPH:DOX returns with volume 12

    Who is not yet convinced we live in one big madhouse called "the World", might shrug the doubt off his shoulders soon because Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival is about to start.