Wader brings together Baltic and Nordic subcultural scenes.


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    Vibratsioon Session: Nikolajev

    Radio show "Vibratsioon" , which has been running on the Estonia's coolest radio station Radio 2 since 1993, keeps its ears open to everything that happens in today’s music, both in deep underground and higher up on the ground. Here's a techno-immersed session by Nikolajev.

    Balticlab 3.0 call for applications is now open

    For the third year running the Council of the Baltic Sea States and the Swedish Institute bring young creative minds from the Baltic Sea region together into one space to explore new perspectives and sources of inspiration in the region.

    Gallery: Skaņu Mežs

    Fans of experimentality, at least those in the Baltics, know that October is that time of the year to harvest the ripe fruits of adventurous music at Skaņu Mežs festival in Riga.

    10 questions to Sean Nicholas Savage

    Indie troubadour Sean Nicholas Savage is one of the most eclectic phenomenons of the colorful Canadian music scene and it seems that all he needs for that are his ear-caressing melodies, dramatic vocals that covertly knock on your heart and an image of an artist fully-dedicated to music.

    Love in the swamp

    Interview with the husband and wife creative team Katrin and Andres Maimik, renowned names on the Estonian film scene, who just finished their first joint directorial full-length and a feature debut for Katrin, "Cherry Tobacco".

    Vibratsioon Session: Endamisi Salamisi

    "The most interesting things in Estonian music are happening in the underground electronic dance music scene. This music is not played in the radio (except on "Vibratsioon"), and not written about in the newspapers (except for Müürileht) – this is the music that lives its own life. They don’t depend on anybody and nothing depends of them. But where independence blooms, creative freedom follows. They are our anti-idols." – Raul Saaremets

    Mattias Fridell — 24/7 journey in music

    Mattias Fridell is a producer and DJ whose music, released under labels such AFFIN, Labrynth, and Naked Lunch, has been creating proper club vibes since 2000s. In addition to his own creation, he is also known as a talented remixer. Margus Löve interviewed Fridell to jot down the path of his musical career.