Wader is open for collaboration between independent culture medias and correspondents from all over the Baltics, Scandinavia and around the blue planet: wader@muurileht.ee

We present you our good partners:

Artishok is an experiment, which explores the possibilities for art criticism independent of official institutions and flows of capital. Share your thoughts, comment, criticize, speak your mind, praise, analyze, report, announce and share! Jeunesse oblige! For contributions (which are warmly welcomed): artishokmovement@gmail.com

Biit is a recordstore-web-blog that is dedicated to good music and unearthing music talents in Estonia and all over the world. Contact: info@biit.me

Estonian World is a London-based global, independent e-zine founded in 2012 to write about cosmopolitan Estonians and their views, ideas, experiences and achievements. EW also writes about Estonia’s global success stories in technology, business and arts. The contributors also write about their environment and life from all around the world from the Estonian perspective, and thus serve as a global focal point for Estonians and for those interested in the development of Estonia. Estonian World has no partisan political affiliation and seeks to present the stories fair-mindedly. Contact: info@estonianworld.com.

Estonian Urbanists’ Review U is an independent online publication that combines texts, opinions and artwork on urban issues from Estonia, the Baltics and beyond. U is issued by the Estonian Urban Lab. Contact: toimetus@linnalabor.ee.

Magazine ÕU is the magazine for those who wonder about the outdoor space we use (or not use) daily. It is covering issues about built environments outside home, scool, supermarket ect. As those who share their ides with us are architects, andscape architects, writers, engineers, environmentalists and so on, the angles to the subject vary wich guarantees a broader view to the outdoor space.