Latvian designer Keta Gutmane presented her collection “Relics”, first part of her clothing design trilogy, last March at Void showroom in Paris. Now she’ s back with the second edition for spring-summer 2015 – here is “Levitation”.

"Levitation" by Keta Gutmane. All photos by Māris Ločmelis.

With the trilogy’s second collection Keta levitates above ground and walks on water, exploring the boundaries of the mind and flows of energy. The airy flaps, wide trouser legs and sleeves have been borrowed from traditional kung fu uniforms. It seems significant that one of the virtues of a kung fu master is patience, which is crucial for a young fighter in the fashion industry as well. Next year’s spring–summer garments are rather athletic — they leave room for free motion, allow to move forward fast and are visually impressive.

Keta remains loyal to a monochrome colour palette and urban avant–garde, finding depth in textures and prints of fabrics which show off various patterns: waves of a damaged TV signal and martial arts posture silhouettes. Layered fabrics flow and fold just like water — neoprene, natural cotton, linen and paper are used for this collection; while some of them shine with a synthetic glow, others create architectural frames.

See more of Keta’s works at her website.