Wader brings together Baltic and Nordic subcultural scenes.


    Müürileht’s Young Film Critics competition

    Müürileht once again announces its annual young film critics competition. The participants are presumed to possess humour, curiosity, great writing skills, clear opinion and all-around proof that you know what you are writing about. A young film critic is defined as someone who dares to claim so.

    Real life is a fairy tale

    "Saving Mr Banks" purports to tell the true account of how the author of the original Mary Poppins book finally gave Walt Disney the go ahead to put Mary Poppins on the big screen.

    French prove to love their own cinema more than they love Hollywood

    While most of the countries in Europe, including Estonia, struggle to make their own films more attractive and gather viewers, recent statistics show that France is a good example of how homegrown productions can be more popular than Hollywood blockbusters, filled with special effects, superheroes and often not so hilarious jokes.

    Are Disney films a tad bit too white?

    Representation of race in Hollywood films has changed quite a lot over time but changes in movie industry are much slower to come about than in society in general. Legally, minorities got the same rights as white people in 1964 already and in many states these so-called minorities are no longer that at all, you can see that it is white people’s numbers instead that seem to be decreasing. However, on the silver screen, racial balance is very far off from what we can see in real life.

    Cinema Travels: Yogyakarta

    Somewhere between poor and bumpy Yogyakarta roads, street vendors and smoking old mopeds shines the XXI cinema like an outtake from an American dream. Large, imposing and overexposed, this building is a testament to progress in the eyes of the local youth, just like shiny gadgets and inviting shopping centres are.

    Freedom Fries – Cinema that isn’t fast food

    Over the past few years, Freedom Fries at Kino Sõprus has done a sterling job in uncovering some obscure and forgotten gems. From the strange genius of George Kuchar to the twisted films of Herschell Gordon Lewis, Freedom Fries has often been a season filled with interesting films delightfully lacking in pretension.

    Cinema travels: Jaipur

    Cinema travels take you to faraway places and cinemas, this time the story is about how it is to sit down in a movie theatre in spicy India.