Wader brings together Baltic and Nordic subcultural scenes.


    Still from the Julia.

    Controversial routine in modern Lithuanian documentary

    Starting from 7 November, for the eleventh time European film forum “Scanorama” will prove just how strong Lithuanian documentary is. Four documentary films will be premiered during the festival – three merely by Lithuanian directors (“Cenotaph”, “Final Destination”, Tricolour”) and one Lithuanian-German co-operative film (“Julia”).

    European film forum “Scanorama” in Lithuania

    “All that I want, is to hold your hand once again, and then, I will go home and leave you in peace” – one might hear a quote from Swedish film “Bellevile Baby”. “I want you to understand me less and love me more”- echoing voice is heard from 1980 British drama “Bad timing”. That is how intimately films, which are so distant in time and space, communicate. Stories and destinies of these and dozen of other films’ talks are to be presented in the upcoming European film forum “Scanorama”. From 7 November, for the eleventh time - overcrowded cinema halls in four cities throughout Lithuania.

    Explosive experiments in documentary making

    Terje Toomistu – a nomadic PhD student in anthropology – writes about the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) and also speaks to the Dutch-American duo Kel O'Neill and Eline Jongsma about their installation.