Radio show “Vibratsioon” (Vibration), which has been running under the baton of its host Raul Saaremets and refreshing our auditory senses on the Estonia’s coolest radio station Radio 2 since 1993, keeps its ears open to everything that happens in today’s music, both in deep underground and higher up on the ground. It’s time to continue bringing you the sessions which, for first time in the history of the show, were recorded outside the studio – at Müürilehe Festival in Tallinn this August. This time we proudly present you Nikolajev’s take.

Robert Niko. Photo: Johann „all around jesus” kabonen 3000

Robert Niko, who is mostly known as an active alternative dance music promoter and DJ in Tallinn, is also a producer himself. And if he weren’t so busy keeping our capital’s night-life pulsating, dragging famous techno and house artists here and occasionally running the radio show “Klubi R2” at Radio 2, his live performances would be ever-anticipated. His cool old school sound is mixed with powerful beats and melodical repetitions that make bold statements. Wider audience knows Niko’s beats from Tommy Cash’s “Guez Whoz Bak”, but that’s just a snip of his well-recognized stuff he’s got to show. “It’s high time to fly out from the nest and conquer the world,” say the omniscient editors of Wader.

Nikolajev on SoundCloud.