2 min

CPH:DOX returns with volume 12

Who is not yet convinced we live in one big madhouse called "the World", might shrug the doubt off his shoulders soon because Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival is about to start.

8 min

Love in the swamp

Interview with the husband and wife creative team Katrin and Andres Maimik, renowned names on the Estonian film scene, who just finished their first joint directorial full-length and a feature debut for Katrin, "Cherry Tobacco".

3 min

What your inner 10-year-old craves

Applying an archetype to a creative endeavour will always be a difficult sell for the cynical. Include an iconic character, who is weighed down by predisposed fan expectation, it gets even harder. If that venture is also funded by Hollywood, it becomes something of impossibility. "Godzilla"'s for those for whom a step into the somewhat expected has an appeal.

3 min

Screen & Sound Fest competition for filmmakers

Screen & Sound Fest is again organizing an international open contest for visualization of music pieces. The registration for filmmakers both professional and amateur is now open and the compositions for this year’s competition available to download.

2 min

A Design Film Festival returns to Kuldīga

A Design Film Festival will take place in Kuldīga, Latvia for the second time on August 1–2, featuring internationally acclaimed documentaries about fashion, painting, photography, architecture and design, including PechaKucha presentations and other art and design related events in the programme as well.