On Friday, the 10th of January at 6 p.m. Hirohisa Koike presents his work and latest projects at artist-run space Rundum (Okasroosikese loss, Uus 19, Tallinn).

Hirohisa Koike was born in 1979 in Gumma, Japan. He lives and works between Japan and Belgium, as an artist/photographer.

Hirohisa Koike considers that a photograph is not simply an image or a record. It shows that a moment has existed and it enables the viewer to experience the intimacy that can be felt in that moment. For that reason, the photographer must not be a mere bystander or spectator, but he must rely on his emotions and own experiences.

Hirohisa Koike’s work takes the form of an autobiographic diary mixing landscape and portrait. He photographs the impalpable, the time that escapes and the ephemeral. His images, between wandering and nostalgia, appear as a visual prose.

Inevitably and incessantly, his muse, glittering and fleeting, captivates the photographer.

Hirohisa Koike photographs compulsively and obsessively, searching for an impossible relationship. He is absorbed and carried away, photography becomes an excuse to look at her and appreciate her existence.

At Rundum, he presents the first part of his ongoing series “Fragments/Scene”: 001 “Psyche ist ausgedehnt, weiss nichts davon” (2013).

To acquaint yourself with Hirohisa Koike’s photography, visit his web page.