1 min

Curator’s Choice: Kristi Kongi & Nur El Shami

Estonian artist Kristi Kongi is known for her colourful pieces of art which not only rest on canvas but often tend to wander on walls and create symbiosis with the room they're currently placed in. The following video takes us on a tour through her artistic reality.

2 min

Estonian Documents

Human face is the best document of time. As a native Estonian I explore Estonian faces with an aim to portray the little Eastern European nation as a whole. Estonia’s existence hasn’t always been that evident, only 20 years have passed since Soviet army left the country and Estonians have searched for their new personal and national identity.

7 min

Rosanne van Klaveren – in search of the temporary feeling of togetherness

Rosanne van Klaveren is a Dutch artist living in Belgium who has been residing in Tallinn this spring as an ADAPT-r fellow. Following her talk at the Estonian Academy of Arts Faculty of Architecture guest speaker series, we used the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her focus on the possibilities of artistry, creativity and new media to create a temporary feeling of "togetherness" during participatory practices.

9 min

Steve Vanoni, a Late-Modern Flâneur

After several informal meetings in random smoking rooms of Tallinn, I made an appointment with the artist Steve Vanoni, spending an hour together in Tops bar. He is 57 years old but by the way the talks and looks he cannot be associated to any age or generation.