11 min

A lot in little. Contemporary jewellery in Latvia.

Forget felt brooches and woven wristbands — in Latvia, jewellery design is an active creative industry in which talented artists work with gold and silver, diamonds and pearls, nylon and silk. Mastery and an unconventional outlook have brought these authors recognition and wearer’s appreciation.

2 min

Tanel Veenre. The Choreography of Jewelery

Like from hidden underwater depths, from the deepest of rain forests, from places where no one has ever been before, from the phantasmagorical planet Pandora – that is what the natural shapes and colors created by Tanel Veenre are like. Kind of nature-made, kind of human-made... can anybody really differentiate and contrast the two?

2 min

Keta Gutmane: part two of the trilogy

Latvian designer Keta Gutmane presented her collection "Relics", first part of her clothing design trilogy, last March at Void showroom in Paris. Now she's back with the second edition for spring-summer 2015 – here is "Levitation".

6 min

New Estonian Design: Studio August

Äli Kargoja is the creator of the minimalistic clothes brand August. August’s first collection is designed for someone who appreciates Scandinavian design, good quality and simplicity in their clothes.

8 min

The magical transformation

Interview with Sonja Bäumel on new forms of possible interaction between us – humans – and the environment: "We are all somehow connected through an invisible biological network present on our skin."

1 min

BlankBlank overground streams

The aesthetic of the new spring-summer 2015 collection "Streams of the overground" by BlankBlank is rooted in the unusual colours, lights and landforms of the untamed nature of Iceland. The landscape, created by under– and overground streams resonates deeply with the streams within ourselves.

4 min

Lokal Boards — boards with style

This June saw the opening of a concept store named Lokal House that sells longboards designed by Lokal Boards. The authors of the brand are three creative and like–minded people with an ambition to promote Latvian street culture and become renowned outside an already wide circle of their friends and followers.

6 min

A trip into Felieke van der Leest’s world of contemporary jewelry

The world of miniature animals created by Dutch contemporary jewelry designer Felieke van der Leest is interwoven with references to historical and romanticized images of the American West and adept parodies of Olympic athletes, and in this world of hers she cleverly inserts word games, allusions and appeals to modern-day social issues.