Though their mellow 80s sound already brought a few houses down back in 2013 when the Berlin-based trio Ballet School released their EP “Boys Again” and dropped their song “Heartbeat Overdrive”, coming out with their freshly baked LP “The Dew Lasts An Hour” has taken the three to a point when they’re suddenly everywhere. But who is this band that consists of a fairy-looking Irish singer Rosie Blair, Japanese-Brazilian guitarist Michel Collet and British drummer Louis McGuire? Michel Collet enlightens us in this short interview.

Ballet School

Ballet School

Ballet School has grown out from the artistic scene of Berlin where you all met, though none of you is actually from there. What did you all do before Ballet School came into being?

We were all in different bands and had been involved in music for quite sometime before.

What’s up with the story that Rosie met you at the U-Bahn station and decided you should form a band together right away?

Yes. We both had been searching for the right people for years! So when you know, you know. I was sick of playing jams with boys and was trying to save some money to move out of Berlin. Rosie and I met at the train platform where I had been playing for long hours through the night with my little battery amp. When I heard her voice and songs I knew I just have to stay.

How did you all end up in Berlin in the first place?

Rosie’s mother died and she ran away from Ireland. Louis moved here in his teens with his father. I came all the way from São Paulo — thought it would be a good adventure.

Besides meeting there, how has Berlin influenced your artistic presence and your music in general?

Berlin is dirty. The lotus flower only grows in muddy waters.

You only released your first EP last year and your LP “The Dew Lasts An Hour” just now. What has changed since you started? What have been the main obstacles you have had to deal with during that time?

There are little joys along the way here and there. But mostly it’s just work and compulsion to make music.

Which is the coolest gig you have played so far?

Tallinn Music Week was great fun! Everyone was super friendly and we’re really happy to play in Estonia again.

Your record label Bella Union is established by the members of Cocteau Twins. Listening to your songs gives an idea you’re also influenced by them. How did you end up under Bella Union? I can only imagine what it feels like to get such props from your idols.

I think it is a good example of the law of attraction. We love Simon (Raymonde, one of the founders of Bella Union and the former bass guitarist and keyboard player with the Cocteau Twins – M.M.) and Abbey (Simon’s wife – M.M.), Mark (label manager of Bella Union -M.M.) and the whole family.

If you weren’t musicians what would you be doing instead?

We know we’re doing what we do best. Despite vast imagination, I cannot really imagine doing anything else at the moment.

Ballet School will be performing in Tallinn, at the opening party of Vaba Lava today.