Wader brings together Baltic and Nordic subcultural scenes.

    The 2015 Oscars – Same As It Ever Was

    British-born film critic Laurence Boyce casts his eye over the forthcoming Academy Awards and its Best Picture Candidates.

    New Latvian Design: Reinis Ratnieks

    Latvian designer Reinis Ratnieks is one of the new internationally noticed Latvian designers whose style represents the movement of simplistic, structured and classically black.

    Discovering the funky side of the Iron Curtain

    Misha Panfilov, the creator of a YouTube channel Funked Up East, introduces us to the groovy universe of sounds from the Soviet Union.


    The Crowned Queen of Estonian Underground

    Although on her album Maria Minerva sings of ebony towers and intergalactic romances, she is currently dealing with rather mundane issues – settling down in Los Angeles, for example. We talked about uncomfortable emigration, "Scarface" and life in two different sides of the USA.


    Kuula Ida raadiot