An international urban space and street art festival Prosessi (Process) takes place at 12-20 on 12 June in the Suvilahti culture factory area in Helsinki, bringing together street artists from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany and Great Britain.

Estonia is represented by Multistab or Signor Sick, Karma and Pheriskoop, Lé 60 or Ryrerei and Oby, Uku Sepsivart and MinaJaLydia. Finland is represented by Egs, Frank & Japhy, JussiTwoSeven and Pallo. Guests also include Nug (SWE), 2Shy (FRA), Petro (UK) and Flying Förtress (GER).

Artwork by MinaJaLydia. Photo: Helena Läks.

Artwork by MinaJaLydia. Photo: Helena Läks.

The festival is meant for people interested in colourful street art, people who would like to make the urban space cosier and more interesting. The festival takes place in Suvilahti, the fastest developing district in Helsinki.

The biggest project at the festival is the international exhibition “Prosessi” (Process), where the artists cover the inner walls of an old factory with graffiti. It is open until the 20th of June. There is also a street photography and comics display, street musicians performance, English-language Artist Talk and many more events. Visitors can produce their own graffiti or leave a message on the graffiti and information wall.

The festival includes a street art auction, with the profits going to the art education of young people.

The festival club is going to take place at 5-minute walk from Suvilahti, at the club Kuudes Linja, where Estonian and Finnish musicians and MCs perform: 5Loops (EST), DVPH or Dragan Volta and Põhjamaade Hirm (EST) and Kemmuru (FIN).

The whole programme is available at Prosessi’s web page. Also go check the festival’s home in Facebook.