Kompass, a gathering of organisers, artists, urbanists and active cultural instigators, will be held in Tallinn, Estonia on 21-22 August 2014.

Kompass is a joint initiative of Totaldobze Art Centre in Riga and Ptarmigan in Tallinn, and seeks to connect Latvian and Estonian minds to address collaborative culture while developing public space and non-governmental activities. The theme of Kompass is ‘public space’ and the main goal action and understanding. The event will feature presentations and a panel discussion from prominent actors in both Riga and Tallinn scenes, an un-conference in the “bar camp” format, and a series of instant workshops to address topics raised during the event.

The event is built around personal interactions and sharing ideas, dreams and strategies. The outcome of Kompass will be future cooperation and collaboration, created by the exchanges which occur.

Kompass is open for anyone to participate.

More information on the participants, registration and programme is available here.