Who are Algorütmid?
Algorütmid is a duo that comprises of two friends (Mihkel Tomberg, Roland Karlson) whose primary aim is to find the links between reality and sound. Their hobbies include manipulating all forms of matter with sounds and they are especially passionate about experimenting with that of the most complex of organized systems – the conscious. We seek discernible answers to perennial metaphysical questions. For example, where does voice generate? Does a tree falling down make a sound without any listeners nearby?

Algorütmid. Photo by Kadi Adrikorn.

Algorütmid. Photo by Kadi Adrikorn.

What song in particular made you declare that this is it, I want to make music myself?

Mihkel: Autechre.

Roland: Autechre. Whatever song that makes you feel as one with the author.

Describe your band rehearsal.

Mihkel and Roland arrive in the studio, plug in electronic machinery and create a sliver of program. After that a concept suitable for testing is created. Sessions sometimes last for hours without any
bright results. The best emotion will confirm the experiment.

As much as I have had the pleasure of attending your live performances, I have been under the impression that you are not traditional live performers that go through the same set list show after show. Do you sometimes experience a kind of symbiosis on stage that will change whatever you had planned beforehand completely?

We can cofirm that we have never repeated any set lists. The need to improvise comes out of our personal characteristics, requiring us to test the synergy between us and the audience. Sometimes it takes time to form the right kind of connection. Then we’d want to go on forever and never stop.

Tallinn Music Week will bring to Estonia a lot of industry insiders that come here to share their know-how or scout new talents. Bands are advised to approach the delegates beforehand and invite them to their showcases. Have you done that already? If not then why?

We haven’t invited anyone personally yet, the list is just so long and needs to be processed. But there is still time, we are not in a hurry.

How do you feel when you listen to music made years ago?

Roland: There’s a number of songs that I have been listening to on a regular basis. I have to confess that every new moment opens the possiblity to understand the associations between the author, sound and audience on a more deeper level. There is an infinite number of perceptions of this abstract notion.

Mihkel: Nostalgic.

What instrument/program is indispensable to you?

Visual Studio, Reaktor, Ableton, Renoise.

If you had the chance to collaborate with any musician, who would it be?

Pärt or Reich, if we’re talking about musicians still alive. If not, then Johann Sebastian Bach.

How do you rate the current state of Estonian electronic music?

It is better than ever before. Making music has become so simple, kids can make passable music on their phones – the only problem is lack of concept. It is time for naive pop music to explore the depths of alternative music and vice versa.

Favourite artists at the moment?

Leonard Cohen, Egyptian Hip Hop, Co La, Lorenzo Senni, Oneohtrix Point Never.