I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly – is it me, the sound arrangement, or the timelessness of the latter, but I have noticed that every time I have listened to Skyscrapers Wrapped Up In Vines by Autharktos, the thoughts in my head wander more than usual, reverberate and revolt. Let’s put it this way: the danger of all systems crashing while listening to this, is pretty high (at least for me).

But! This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to know what comes next. This kind of music makes one curious – it’s interesting even when I’m not particularly enjoying it. This album is engaging as it is rough and raw and this makes for an interesting change, elevating, taking short-cuts and falling to the next levels.

There is a noticeable recurring cycle in the construction of the songs, the loop that drives you mad. Most songs possess an atmosphere built up on a loop. Notably, the title of the album describes quite successfully the feeling that the mixture of sounds creates. However, in my imagination, what’s wrapped up around high-rise buildings is not green-vined creeper plants, but cables, cords and wires that buzz under post-apocalyptic tension. At certain moments I feel like I am inside a large-pixeled computer game. I am in a dim deserted room with a radio on the table. The radio emits sounds reminding me of the reality I have come from.

This record by Autharktos is slightly maddening, bleak, uncanny and at the same time bizarrely engaging. Worth a listen. I also recommend paying attention to details that you can get lost in.