You may have been born in the Soviet Union, but when you grow into music, you can build yourself a winged vehicle and speedily sail from Monte Carlo to Rio and from Frisco to St. Tropez. Nowadays when international borders are open, such a vehicle would be especially desirable – the border of time can only be overcome through music. Trumpeter Jaan Kuman owns precisely that vehicle and everyone can ride it straight to the mythical 1970s of *The Persuaders!* variety, teeming with seductive damsels, danger and glamour. And champagne for the winners.

A year ago Kuman released a CD-album on his own, however, the terribly Photoshopped hack-job of a cover design and spelling errors probably put off those not in the know – the plastic treasure chest housed pure gold. Estonian melomaniac and kumanofreak Martin Jõela along with Norwegian Johan Fredrik Lavik have now pressed seven of Kuman’s songs onto vinyl – the best outlet for Kuman’s music. Also, the songs have now been given titles in English.

„Globus“ is a calling card for Kuman as an arranger and band leader, more timeless than reminiscent of a specific point in time; guitars by Tiit Paulus would also be suitable for records by Vaiko Eplik or Sten Sheripov or Wrupk Urei. „Wives and Lovers“ – a previously unreleased live version of the song originally by Bacharach – features Enn Vain on the electric organ. Vain is also a terribly
underrated but experienced musician – just listen to „Kui mu kõrval käid“ by his studioband Salamander – smoother than all the California hustlers put together.

„Hey Boys, Try Harder!“ has the hard rock riffs and latino horns that elicit comparisons with Santana. Let us hope for a follow up LP – Kuman has that funky stuff in heaps.