Can anyone explain what exactly is the deal with this Estonian small town Paide? How come so many talented musicians have Paide as their place of birth? Alan Olonen aka Kali Briis is probably – right next to Arvo Pärt – one of my favourite guys from there and it’s unbelievable how much great music Kali has created during these past eight years.

Countless shorter and longer playing albums in collaboration with different Estonian record labels and also records that he has released on his own – all that on various formats – digitally, on CD and on precious 12-inch vinyl. A number of music videos and collaborations with various artists. He records on his own by quintessentially playing all his instruments himself while singing along and he prefers to use the help of the computer as little as he can. I would justly title him as the king of Estonian indie-electro-pop. Taking all that into consideration, the fact that his The Moon Ghost album still isn’t available on vinyl makes me a tiny bit wistful. Recently everyone had the opportunity to help Kali Briis fulfill his terrific idea through Hooandja (an Estonian analogue for Kickstarter – Ed.), but sadly it didn’t come to fruition. This of course doesn’t detract from the value of the album, it might even make it all the more sweeter. As I have been closely following his music for the past couple of years, I can say with certainty that Kali Briis’s evolution is evident on his new album. A testament to this is the third track on the album – a 7-minute instrumental piece “Future Electric” filled with powerful guitar riffs. His sounds are deeper and well-matured and in some cases more serious than previously, but the main feature is still the energetic electro-synth-pop influenced by the 80s. Every track injects an inexplicable sense of positivity and sincerity into the listener. Kali’s vocals are mellow and his beats will surely make you nod along in agreement with a smile on your face. And I am delighted to say that everyone can head over to Bandcamp for a free listen of the whole album.