The Baltic Scene tour vol 2 will take place on the third weekend of February (20.-22.02) when electronic pop band Kali Briis Band from Estonia, psychedelic rock group Pyro Trees from Latvia and experimental indie artist ba. from Lithuania will perform gigs over one weekend in all the capitals of the Baltic states.

Kali Briis. Photo by Renee Altrov.

Kali Briis. Photo by Renee Altrov.

The first edition of the Baltic Scene Tour took place in early December last year and turned out to be a success as the main aims, increasing the knowledge of audiences and enlivening the collaboration between artists, were reached.

Without Letters, Lithuanian band at the tour: “We participated at TBS tour expecting to meet up with two exciting bands and to see if our neighbouring audiences appreciate our fusion of electronica and live instruments. We believe that the fact that we’re participating in TMW for the second year in a row was greatly helped by the exposure given to us by The Baltic Scene tour. Finally, it was really nice to see that a lot of listeners came to the last gig of the tour in Vilnius and our local audience seemed very motivated to see what is happening musically around the Baltics and that shows that The Baltic Scene initiative is a already a success!”

The Baltic Scene continues to organize the tours four times per year to showcase the brightest and most exciting music talent from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Baltic Scene tour vol 2

20.02 Tallinn, Von Krahl
21.02 Riga, TBA
22.02 Vilnius, Kablys

More information about the events here.