This time we list the top ten albums that have had the biggest influence on Estonian recordlabel Seksound.

Seksound is small recordlabel, started in 2004 by members of Estonian shoegaze band Pia Fraus. It was started to share music with other musicfans. Label has released records by Estonian indie artists Ans. Andur, Bad Apples, Dreamphish, Honey Power, Imandra Lake, Mirabilia, Kago, lack of Eoins, Leegitsev Sidrun, Pia Fraus, Popidiot, Shelton San and compilations of best Estonian independent music.

Label boss Rein Fuks regards the Estonian Kohvirecords and the Scottish Geographic Music as the most notable: „Kohvirecords especially because I helped Hannes (Hannes Praks – ed.) with it at some point and that’s where I got some knowledge on how to run a label. However, the greatest influence musically has been Stephen Pastel’s Geographic Music.“ Fuks adds: „Well, there has been an abundance of records that have left their mark on our sound. We’ve built our product on a pretty subjective basis, releasing only those artists whose sound and music we dig.“

Seksound logo

Seksound logo

1. Uni ‒ Kosmikud (Kohvirecords, 2007)

2. Stereolab ‒ Peng! (Too Pure, 1992)

3. The Pastels ‒ Illumination (Up, 1997)

4. My Bloody Valentine ‒ Ecstasy and Wine (Lazy Records, 1989)

5. Borax ‒ Tallinn (Heven, 1997)

6. Yo La Tengo ‒ And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (Matador, 2000)

7. Hood ‒ Cold House (Domino, 2001)

8. International Airport ‒ Reunion of Island Goose (Geographic, 2004)

9. Moose ‒ …XYZ (Hut Recordings , 1992)

10. Red House Painters ‒ Red House Painters (4AD, 1993)