Estonian indie act Marten Kuningas has released a new music video for the song “Tagurpidi vaal” filmed in an acoustic session in collaboration with Vilnius Temperature. The video is set in Tallinn on a sandy islet in Stroomi beach that could be reached by walking through the water. The video clip, filmed in September, also features birds singing and morning fog since the performance was filmed at 5 am.

“The filming started at 4 am. When we arrived, there was a thick fog on the beach, so we could barely see each other’s faces. It was peaceful and completely silent. By the time we finished filming, the fog was gone, more and more birds were arriving and finally the sun rose, as well,” says Marten Kuningas.

The authors of the video are two young Lithuanian directors, Saulius Baradinskas and Pijus Veberis, who are, among other things, the creators of the most popular music video project in the Baltics called Vilnius Temperature. The central idea of Vilnius Temperature is to film music in unusual locations. Directing the video for Marten Kuningas in Tallinn was quite the experience for them, too: “We cannot understand the lyrics of the song, but the music of “Tagurpidi Vaal” speaks for itself and it’s possible to get into it, even though the lyrics are in Estonian. Marten Kuningas has become my favourite musician in Estonia,” says Baradinskas.

“Working with Saulius and his team was very pleasant. A truly inspiring experience!” says Marten who is currently studying in an electronic music institute in Berlin.