Lasnamäe, the largest bedroom community of Tallinn, lies in the eastern part of Tallinn. 58.2% of its inhabitants are ethnically Russian, ethnic Estonians make up 28.3% of the population.

The photo article by photographer Annika Haas and Maria Derlõš was first published by the Estonian Urbanists’ Review U :

“This is the most beautiful place – just to look at the sunset from the top of the tree! Oh, this is the most beautiful place on the planet!”

Nikolai Avilov is a 72 year old inhabitant of Lasnamäe who was born in Siberia. He lives on a slate bank by Narva road on top of a mighty maple tree. For already 16 years Nikolai has lived in a hut built on top of the tree throughout the year, he cooks outside and keeps two sheepdogs under the tree. He protects himself against the cold with thick socks and a furry dog wool jumper.