1 min

Commercial Lasnamäe

After the fall of the Soviet Union, commercial shops in the basements of multi-story buildings started to appear in Estonia. Though time has passed, passers are still greeted with massive doors and signs with very clear key messages: groceries, shoemaker, hairdresser... Together, they are subtly reflecting the realities of that time.

4 min

Attitude to act

Public spaces are the most exciting thing to design – the parks, squares and streets as much as the gaps, the left-over and forgotten spaces. They are exciting because within them, we meet other people – both familiar faces and strangers.

9 min

Turning the tables

Jonas Elding is a partner and architect at Elding Oscarson architecture office in Stockholm. Their works combine experience from employments in Sweden and Japan, covering both local and international architecture, from large projects to small ones – museums, theaters, private houses, interiors, furniture, and product design. Veronika Valk had a chance to pose him a few questions.