Tanel Veenre. The Choreography of Jewelery

Like from hidden underwater depths, from the deepest of rain forests, from places where no one has ever been before, from the phantasmagorical planet Pandora – that is what the natural shapes and colors created by Tanel Veenre are like. Kind of nature-made, kind of human-made... can anybody really differentiate and contrast the two?

A trip into Felieke van der Leest’s world of contemporary jewelry

The world of miniature animals created by Dutch contemporary jewelry designer Felieke van der Leest is interwoven with references to historical and romanticized images of the American West and adept parodies of Olympic athletes, and in this world of hers she cleverly inserts word games, allusions and appeals to modern-day social issues.

Baltic Shoemakers

The combined length of the borders of the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is about 3170 miles. What sort of shoes could last that distance? We believe that ones made right here, in the Baltics.