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Baltic Shoemakers

The combined length of the borders of the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is about 3170 miles. What sort of shoes could last that distance? We believe that ones made right here, in the Baltics.

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Nelli Nedre and games with kinesthesia

Nelli Nedre is a fashion designer from Saint Petersburg who, despite of her young age, has her own fashion brand Gills Clothes and who has been bound up with the buzzing world of fashion industry for many years now. Nelli will be showing her collection "Kinesthetic" at Fashion-Performance-Dance, an annual fashion competition held in Tartu, Estonia on the 3rd of May.

One of the “Ērenpreiss” models. Publicity photo.
12 min

Bicycle. Made in Latvia.

This has been the second year a Latvian enterprise “Ērenpreiss Original” took part in the world’s biggest bicycle trade exhibition “Eurobike” in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Although the loudest, it is not the sole name in Latvian bicycle and their accessory manufacturing. Veronika Viļuma offers a look at already known as well as less famous players in the field.

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Start-up Spotlight: Viks Bicycle

The Estonian bicycle brand Velonia has introduced the Viks, an urban commuter bike with a striking design and uniquely shaped frame. Indrek Narusk, the creator behind Viks, answered our questions.

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Trash to Trend

www.trashtotrend.com - a platform for recycling and redesign - creates trends through responsible design.