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„Võinuks minna ka teisiti”. Lavastaja: Tormi Torop. Näidendi autorid: Tormi Torop, Jari Matsi, Semele Kari ja Martin Tikk. Näitlejad: Jari Matsi, Semele Kari ja Martin Tikk. Esietendus 28. aprill 2013 klubis Kink Konk.

Interview: C.A.R.T

Drum & Bass music in Estonia doesn’t get huge hype and is only concentrated around small underground groups of music goers. In this very case Denmark was a twin sister to Estonia only four years ago, right to the point C.A.R.T crew was established and started its magic. 2 DJ’s and 2 MC’s started playing every Thursday night on Christiania Radio, right in the heart of Copenhagen’s small, but noble place - Freetown Christiania.