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What is freedom worth? “In the Crosswind” review

"Where should one go after being robbed of everything that you have believed in and loved?” – asks herself Erna, the protagonist of "In the Crosswind". This stylish black and white picture, undertaking a difficult historical topic, is one of the most artistically outstanding and mature films of the year.

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What We Do in the Shadows

New Zealand might be the last place on Earth where you'd think it's the case to keep an eye out for vampires. Well, you'd be wrong. Wellington is the place that Viago, Vladislav and Deacon call home. And they are not the only ones – from werewolves to zombies, the city's nightlife hustles and bustles with a well-represented community of the undead.

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The theory of everything

Stephen Hawking, who was supposed to die at the age of 23, lives until nowadays and he's 72 years old. One of the greatest cosmologists of contemporary times has a motor neuron disease related to ALS. The answer to the question how he managed to achieve it, can be found in the newest film directed by Oscar winner James March: "The Theory of Everything".

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In the crosswind

"In the Crosswind", the first feature film by Martti Helde, is the latest hypnotizing discovery of the Estonian cinematography. Film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2014 and from then on doesn't stop to collect well-deserved awards at many international festivals. However, Martti Helde remains far from red carpets, camera flashes and all the glamour.

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Gust Van den Berghe – man who made Lucifer

Gust Van den Berghe´s career has been a collection of successes with titles such as "Little Baby Jesus of Flandr" and "Blue Bird" achieving major critical praise. His new film "Lucifer" is bound to follow the same steps. We could not let the chance to sit down with him slip out of hand to discuss his vision and work process.

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Cinema Travels: Prague

This time Cinema Travels takes us to the city of Prague where you can enjoy movies with a beer in your hand or sitting in a beach chair.

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Cinema Travels: Kampala

This time cinema travels takes us from a gas station parking lot to a kiosk also known as the alternative cinema of Uganda, which on the first look resembles a shack with a curtain.

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Laughing at the Unfunny

The Latvian-born animation director Signe Baumane, New York-based since 1995, is a tall woman with a somewhat sad smile – visually a bit reminiscent of the nervous and aristocratic women painted by Modigliani.